Barnegat Fishing Charter

NYC Firemen Barnegat Fishing Charter 8/7

We had a great group of firemen today from NYC....While vacationing on LBI they wanted to try there luck on some charter fishing...And the Bottom Line was highly recommended..(Well that`s what they told me)...So we went right out of Barnegat Inlet to some local wrecks and picked up some really nice sea bass..I can see these big guys were getting alittle tired of the sea bass, so we pulled everything up and headed out to the Barnegat Ridges. This is when having a good mate counts..We changed everything over and starting trolling over some of our lucky spots(North Ridge Corner). Within a half hour we had some nice bonita and bluefish onboard. We started making our why back and stoped just north of the USCG station off Island Beach State Park for some fluke...We had some action with 3 keepers and alot of shorties in a very short time..Going back there this week with acouple of open boat trips will report...Any way,  I must say we had a good day fishing and alot of laughs. Boy thoughs guy`s know how to bust balls...
So Thanks again guys...Mike, Steve, Sal, Matt, and crazy Jake...Stay safe...
                                                                             OPEN BOAT TRIPS ALL WEEK....GIVE US A CALL....

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