Barnegat Fishing Charter

11/2 Barnegat Fishing Report

Tuesday 11/2 :  Open boat trip today with Matt R, Susan R, Bill the hammer, and Sammy V. Instead of leaving early morning everyone voted to try the afternoon bite. So we left the dock around 2:00pm and started right outside Barnegat Inlet with some birds working and the smell of bunker,  the day looked very promising. . 

We had our first bluefish in the boat in about ten minutes, then bluefish after bluefish it was nuts. Just droping jigs and reeling every time there was a bluefish. Sometimes I think we take these fish for granted, the smile they could put on someones face is great to see. I figured I better run alittle north to give everyones arms a rest. So we headed up towards the USCG station and saw some more birds working. Immediately got into some more bluefish, as the wind died down and the sun set the bluefish started coming up everywhere. So we pulled out some really light tackle and had a blast. The bluefish were as far as I could see. Mostly bluefish,  but we did have bass mixed in. The action was great at times, where we had all 3 guys and girl hooked up.

We had a few good cracks at some bass but the bluefish were every where and they were hungry. The bluefish were 6 to 12 pounds, and I think we managed to release about 50 fish. This was one of the best days of fall jiging we had in a long time.
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