Barnegat Fishing Charter

Barnegat Inlet Fishing Report 7/8

Today we headed out the Barnegat Inlet with a great group of guys. The Mark Purcell bachelor party, which had 12 guy`s coming from all over anywhere from NYC,Philly, and the Cape.. To many guy`s for the Bottom Line to handle so I had to make a call to and old friend and great captain Mike of the Sweet Melissa. The guy`s arrived alittle later then I would have liked but you no how bachelors are..So we headed out of Barnegat Inlet around 11:00am and headed north where we had some really heavy fog. We first stoped at the coast guard station in about 25 to 30ft of water, where we had some luck in the last couple of days but every thing was short. So we moved out to some deeper water around 60ft and started seeing so bigger fish. After picking here and there we decided to move even more north and started really seeing some good numbers. It seemed all our big Fluke were caught in about 50 to 60ft. After about a good 5 hours of fishing the rain started and the guy`s were ready to move to the next part of there party (AC).These guy`s were a blast to have on board. Lots of laughs and good fishing..I hope there luck continued down in AC...Thanks Guy`s...


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