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Barnegat Fishing Reports 9/25-9/26

Saturday 9/25 & Sunday 9/26: Well not much of going on here... Saturday's trip was canceled after we took a good look at the weather. The  ocean was a cranking SW wind of 15-20 w/ gusts to 30, and a big nasty swell.  We decided to cancel... Sunday's trip was canceled again, because of the same thing screaming (NNE wind). Took a ride up to the beach with my boys and there were gusts 25-30 with 5-7` out there. Good for the surfers but not the fishermen. So we decided to try some surf fishing off the beach. With the wind gusting and the ocean being so rough I really didn`t think we had a chance. Well we had a real good day. We had some nice king fish and some small bluefish that kept us busy. Back at it again this weekend. Will keep our fingers crossed.
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Barnegat Fishing Report 9/19

We finally got back out there. Today we had Jim Turtle and crew. Steve, Billy, and big Walt. After talking over our options we decided to go for a bluefish, bonito, or albacore what we call a speedster trip. We broke the inlet alittle later then I like, around 8am and found a beautiful, flat calm ocean as we headed straight out Barnegat Inlet about 5 miles. This is when being friendly and sharing info with other captains pays off. (Capt.Sam of Party Time Charters) We were heading to a spot that those guys had some luck the the day before.

We got set up and got the chum in the water by 8:45AM. We had a two guys with jigs, and the other two baited up with chunks and spearing floating in the slick. We had our first fish on about 15 minutes into the trip, a big bluefish taken by Bill on a jig. We then started to pick up acouple more blues about 10 to 12 pounds. They were hitting jigs and bait. I had a rig set way back on a balloon with some spearing  just thinking bluefin maybe. We would have lots of fun with the blues but no albies.

At around 1:00  we made a move a little further north and found a little cleaner and warmer water. And again we started catching bluefish. We had some wild periods where we would have every rod hooked up.

Finally, my balloon took off and this was no bluefish. I hooked the fish and gave the rod to Walt and it was on. I would say Walt battled this fish for a good 15 minutes or so before the fish spit the hook. Not sure what it was but I think it was a bluefin. I guess thats why they call it fishing not catching. 

Overall, it was another great day on the water. Everybody had a great time catching some really nice bluefish. I lost count after 40 and all fish were released except two. Thanks Guys.
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Barnegat Fishing Charter with the Sean family 9/5

customer imageI got a last minute call  from John Sean, he and his family were staying on LBI and wanted to end there summer with a bang.  After talking over our options with the Sean family we opted to do a mixed bag bottom trip. Targeting porgy, sea bass, and possibly mixing in some fluke.

So  left around 6:30am and decided to check out the Garden Reef and some other local lumps that have been pretty good to us this year. With the west wind and seas 2 to 4ft I thought we would give it a try. Some say there are no fish around after a hurricane,  but that might be true if we had one. Earl who?  We set up in about 50ft of water right on top of some good drops. As soon as we got our baits down about 35ft it was on. Catching some nice porgies about 10-15 inches and some monster sea bass. After the family had there cooler half full I suggested we try for some fluke being the season ended the next day. So we moved a little north, the water color was so,so but we got a couple of quick bites using the Penny Shrimp from Gulp and a jig head. I like tipping it also with a squid strip. After picking through some shorts we got two nice fluke one 4 pounds and the other 5.5 pounds. On our way in we stopped by Barnegat Inlet with some grass shrimp,  yes that's right striper! I thought it couldn't hurt. After a couple of handfuls of shrimp thrown in we were on some striper. They were a little small but none stop action.

When we got back to the dock we had a ton of good size porgies and sea bass. Also 4 good size fluke. This was a great day of fishing, it seemed where ever we stopped the bite was on. Wish we had more days like this one. Great family and lots of fun.

Thanks Guys..Have Fun In School.... 

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While the wind is still blowing we are getting good reports of some nice kingfish, weakfish, and blowfish out on the bay.

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Barnegat Fishing Charters 8/30

Another week of not so great weather conditions on the Barnegat Bay and inlet. We here at the Bottom Line keep mixing it up trying to get everyone some time on the water. We had three cancellations in the past week,  but finally got out yesterday with a great famliy from Westwood NJ, (The Harlands). Most people think you need to go right out to the ocean to catch fish. Boy are they wrong, the Barnegat Bay has such a great variety of species, that you just don`t know what your going to catch. For the light tackle enthusiasts you can have so much fun.

We started off working some deep holes in the Barnegat Bay channels with some frozen chum blocks. Within 20 minutes we had our first fish..and fish and fish...and so on. We had some nice blow fish, a ton of throw back fluke, black fish up to about 3.5 pounds and even two bass. Then we decided to move over to the inlet, there we started picking up some nice weakfish. I explained to the Harlands that the weakfish have not been doing to well this year and they decided to catch and release. ( which was great). Then we got into some small blues which anyone that fishes knows these fish are great to catch on light tackle. We even fooled around with two brown sharks but no takers..I was telling the Harlands that they caught a Grand Slam! Weakfish, Stripers, Fluke, and some Blues. It was a great day by all..And we here at the Bottom Line Fishing Charters were happy to be back on the water...
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Barnegat Fishing Charters 8/20 Fluke

Friday 8/20:  Had a open boat fluke trip today with Steve C, Mike L, Cool Sal A, and little Pete V. Ran up north out of Barnegat Inlet and found some real clean water, and the first few drifts were just short seabass. A little move further north and into some deeper water (65ft) got  us in on the fish. We worked this area all day long. We would pick anywhere from 1-3 keepers per drift along with loads of shorts, as well as a few seabass.

We had a full load around mid-afternoon when the fish seem to drop off. So we started south and we picked a couple more nice keepers by the coast guard station.

Called it a day around 2 and left them biting. We easily boated over 75 fluke, with 22 nice keepers going in the box. Sal led the way with 5 keepers and the big fish which was just around 5 pounds. We also wound up with 8 nice chunky seabass - biggest one was about 3 pounds.  All fish were taken on bucktail and squid combos.

Finally, a good day where we had a box full of fluke!! We had a great group of guys and lots of fun by all...Thanks Guys...
 We will be heading back out on Wednesday if the weather is ok...Only a couple of weeks left for fluke...
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