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Barnegat Fishing Underway...6/11/13

The fishing season is just getting underway and we are already having some really good trips. We had some nice striped bass fishing off the bathing beach and was out this past weekend and had 6 keeper fluke.. The bass have been sticking around through June the past couple of years and there is no reason why this year will be any different. Keep checking back and we will try to post all our trips.

Another Great Season...

Well as another great season comes to an end I would like to give thanks to all of you that let me do something that is so dear to my heart...FISH...We had a great season and had so many nice customers onboard this year..

The boat was just pulled and shrink wraped. I hope to see everyone at some of the up coming shows..We will be doing some fishing seminars this year so make sure to check us out!

We will be at the AC show representing Regulator Boats and working with Bass Pro Shops.

Thanks Capt.Tom...and staff...




We would like to thank YETI coolers for our new sponsorship. We have been using them for a few years now. They are great.

Barnegat Fishing Report

Today we had Tim Naes on board with his friends and famliy. We left the dock at 7:am and decided to give the Black Fish a try. We broke Barnegat Inlet and went straight out to the Barnegat Reefs. We started fishing in about 50ft of water with some of us using clam and the others using a squid killie combo. After about five minutes of being in the water we had our first Black fish with Tim`s dad bringing in a nice 6 pounder. We had a steady picking of some nice fish for about two hours and then it seemed to cool down. So we moved north to try our luck on some Fluke. We started our drift alittle north of the fleet which were all at the old CG station and had a nice picking of Fluke all day. We were in 30 to 40ft of water and about 1 out of 7 fish were keepers. With acouple nice 4.5 pounders. With the coolers full of Fluke, Black Fish and even some Skate the we headed back. It was a great day fishing with some really nice guy`s. Fun by all!

Thanks again guys...

Barnegat Inlet Fishing Report 7/8

Today we headed out the Barnegat Inlet with a great group of guys. The Mark Purcell bachelor party, which had 12 guy`s coming from all over anywhere from NYC,Philly, and the Cape.. To many guy`s for the Bottom Line to handle so I had to make a call to and old friend and great captain Mike of the Sweet Melissa. The guy`s arrived alittle later then I would have liked but you no how bachelors are..So we headed out of Barnegat Inlet around 11:00am and headed north where we had some really heavy fog. We first stoped at the coast guard station in about 25 to 30ft of water, where we had some luck in the last couple of days but every thing was short. So we moved out to some deeper water around 60ft and started seeing so bigger fish. After picking here and there we decided to move even more north and started really seeing some good numbers. It seemed all our big Fluke were caught in about 50 to 60ft. After about a good 5 hours of fishing the rain started and the guy`s were ready to move to the next part of there party (AC).These guy`s were a blast to have on board. Lots of laughs and good fishing..I hope there luck continued down in AC...Thanks Guy`s...


Barnegat Famliy Fishing with a Charter Boat Captain..

    With so much to do on Barnegat Bay it’s no wonder that people flock to Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey, throughout the year.Spend a day on the world-famous Barnegat Bay and enjoy the boating, fishing, crabbing, sights, and sounds. Fishing makes a great family and friend day trip because you’ve got both the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay to choose from. Anglers can choose light tackle bay fishing to big game deep sea fishing. Try your luck fishing off one of the great New Jersey charter boats like the "Bottom Line" and experience what we have to offer. You can get everything from Striped Bass, Fluke, Bluefish, or Tuna. You can even try your luck crabbing which is a great way to spend a relaxing day here. Most charter boat captains also offer crabbing and swimming adventures. So next time you don't feel like sitting on the beach, give one of us charterboat captains a call for some great family fun that you may never forget.



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